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Moyadi strives to exist harmoniously within the natural world and in a way that serves the common good.

We value transparency and accountability with respect to our impact on society and nature. The fabric, materials, and ingredients used to create and present our collection are selected with intent and uphold the highest ecological standards.


All of our products are produced without harm to the environment or human dignity


"Each decision that we make to consume a good that is produced ethically is an affirmation of the pursuit of social justice 

and responsible environmental stewardship."                                             

 nancy m shalala, founder 

with respect to the environment 



Lotus fabric production is clean, natural, and renewable. Farmers harvest lotus without harm to the core plant ensuring a renewable cycle.


Lotus thread-making and weaving are done entirely by hand, eschewing the use of fossil fuels. Unlike other natural fibers, lotus does not require any chemicals to break down tough filaments. When extracted, the fibers are pliant and ready to be rolled into thread.  Lotus production processes remain one in harmony with nature.

To the fullest extent possible, Moyadi has chosen fabrics and ingredients that are certified organic, sustainably grown, all-natural, and free of artificial dyes and fragrances. 


The Ahimsa 'Peace' silk used in Moyadi's Lotus Eye Mask is certified according to the Global Organic Textile Standard

(Certificate No. One-1946-161001-T-GOTS), affirming that it has met stringent criteria in both environmentally

and socially responsible manufacturing. 




The fabric in our holistic herbal inserts is 100% certified organic cotton, ensuring that it has been grown without the use of pesticides, herbicides or genetically modified seeds. 

We make a conscious effort to package our products sustainably. 
Stored in a reusable and recyclable glass jar, our eye masks are designed to be used for years. Each herbal insert will last
six to twelve months, depending on the frequency of use and proper storage. When ready to discard, the natural herbal inserts are fully biodegradable and compostable; packaged in a plant-based pouch that is made entirely from certified compostable raw materials and labeled with an eco-friendly, all natural and unbleached sugarcane paper. 


with respect to people


As part of its core founding principles, Moyadi strives to uphold ethical business practices that promote

equitable and sustainable economic growth.
Moyadi values the close business relationships that it has formed with Myanmar artisans working in both established weaving centers as well as those in micro-level collectives. At present, we source from well-established factories

and women-led weaving collectives that adhere to ethical labor standards including fair wages and safe working conditions. Our direct, local-level sourcing helps to promote the passing down of traditional techniques of lotus thread making and weaving.  And in so doing advances grassroots economic revitalization.


with respect to animals 

Moyadi pledges not to harm animals in the testing of our products. Our botanicals are a blend of all-natural organic ingredients that have been grown without the synthetic chemicals that result in toxic soil and water, a danger to both land and sea creatures. 



The Ahimsa Peace silk used in our lotus eye mask is cultivated by non-violent silk breeding, without the use of harsh pesticides or insecticides. In the process, the moth has completed its transformation and has emerged from the cocoon naturally, living out its life cycle rather than being sacrificed during the harvest. 


photos to represent our botanical roll ons,  organic indredients, ahimsa peace silk and vegan pure lotus scarf. 

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