Lotus Rain scarf is inspired by the first drops of rain that signal the beginning of the monsoon season, a devout period of inner contemplation and spiritual renewal. The luminous quality of the hand-embroidered lines recollect beads of water on silken petals of a lotus flower. 


​The delicate finish at the endings--which was produced with a vintage 1920s couture machine--heightens the ethereal nature of the scarf.


​This scarf was woven entirely by hand with handmade lotus thread and fine silk

lotus rain scarf

  • dimensions:

    approximately 13" x 72" (33 x 183 cm)

    Please note that this scarf is entirely handmade and therefore dimensions may vary.


    natural variations
    Natural variations of color and texture exist within the collection. Lotus thread ranges in color from iced café latte to deep mocha.  The subtle irregularities in color and weave add to the inherent charm of this exquisite handmade product and guarantee the uniqueness of each piece.

    Recommended care 
    Dry clean only. Warm iron.
    Handwoven of lotus and silk in Myanmar. 
    ​Finished in the United States.

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