our vision 

To offer exquisite luxury, and the inner peace that comes with knowing that the people

and the environment were respected all along the supply chain. 





ethical production


founding principles 

Moyadi is founded on solid social responsibility principles and endeavors to maintain ethical global supply chains with respect to social and environmental concerns. The Company strives to balance profitability with its obligation to benefit society and to promote equitable and sustainable development. 


With a global supply chain, it is highly challenging to evaluate the ethical practices of our suppliers of raw materials with respect to BOTH people and the environment. Transparency and accountability often remain elusive. 

our commitment 

respect for the environment 

our practices: 

  • We prioritize raw materials and products that are GOTS-certified organic, sold directly by the manufacturer, and/or produced by a Fair Trade business or cooperatives. When possible, we source locally.  

  • During cosmetic production, we use glass pipettes that can be washed and reused (instead of disposable plastic) as well as biodegradable disposable nitrile gloves. 

  • We prioritize natural fabrics without the use of synthetic dyes. 

  • To the fullest extent possible, we package our products sustainably using recycled or recyclable materials, compostable, or biodegradable. 

  • Our shipping suppplies are made from recycled or recyclable materials. We never use plastic shipping materials, such as bubble wrap. We do use biodegradable, plant-based bubbles. 

  • We use FSC-certified paper with all or some recycled content and keep internal printing to a minimum. 

  • We illuminate our atelier through natural light filtering through skylights and windows. 

  • We heat and cool the atelier with a highly effecient Energy Star mini-split unit. 

  • We use non-toxic, green cleaning supplies. 

respect for people 

our practices: 

  • We prioritize working directly with businesses and cooperatives that we know and trust to employ fair working conditions without child labor. 

  • To the fullest extent possible, we select suppliers that share our social and environmental commitments. 

sustainability and transparency goals by 2020

  • Moyadi has engaged recently settled refugees to our local community to assist in its production of goods. Moyadi will expand its initiative with targeted vulnerable groups as part of its effort to promote equitable and sustainable economic growth. 

  • Launch a carbon offset initiative to neutralize the climate impact of our shipping/deliveries. 

  • Function as a zero-waste work environment through programs such as Terracycle and our Zero-Waste product line. 

  • Create a Sustainability Score Card for each of our products that will share information on our supply chain as well as pricing. The information will be available through a barcode linked to our website. 

  • Disclose information on our website about our raw material vendors that supply ecologically-friendly goods. 


my realization

 nancy m shalala, moyadi founder 


Several years ago, I found myself standing in a remote rural village in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).

It was an artisanal gold mining community that at the time fell under the control of a notorious warlord charged with war crimes and crimes against humanity. I was part of a U.S. Government team looking into conflict minerals...

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