holistic lotus eye masks

holistic lotus eye masks 

A bespoke spa therapy for the eyes, Moyadi's Lotus Eye Masks use the healing powers of aromatherapy to transform the body, mind, and spirit. The slight weight of the eye mask targets acupressure points of the eye.  This gentle pressure, enhanced by the aromatics of the herbs and essential oils, provides a deeply relaxing and soothing experience. 


One side of the eye mask is made from the world's rarest, and most sacred fabric - lotus. 


400 stems of lotus are required to create the fabric for a single eye mask


The other side is created with sumptuous certified organic Ahimsa "Peace" silk from India. 


The fabric of the holistic herbal insert is certified organic cotton voile, a light airy fabric that allows the scent of the natural herbs and essential oils to be released.

LOTUS STILLNESS: Our Signature Scent, Stillness consists of organic flaxseed (infused with pink lotus, organic vetiver and organic bergamot essential oils) and lotus-infused green tea. A delicate and refined scent, intended to promote inner tranquility and spiritual renewal. 

RENEWAL: An invigorating blend designed to restore inner balance and revitalize the spirit, Renewal consists of 100% organic ingredients that include: flaxseed, orange peel, lemon tea, lemon verbena, lemongrass, and peppermint infused with yuzu and lemon verbena essential oils. 


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